Bad Omens
Tools of Survival for The Secret World

Your character: Factions - Decks - Abilities

Your chosen faction determines the Decks available to you. Each faction offers 11 distinct Decks. Decks are not set into stone, they are merely a guidance for a set of abilities that go well together. Fulfilling a Deck's requirements will grant you Deck bonuses (a custom clothing set similar to the Deck's concept drawing). Unlike classes in other MMORPGs Decks do not define your character, but the abilities you pick define your Deck(s).

If you want to build a premade Deck for first then the chosen Deck will determine the two main weapon types you are going to use. You can of course use different weapons if you want to build your own deck and you learn the necessary weapon skills. Keep in mind that premade Decks are entirely optional, you develop your abilities the way you like it.

Always have an idea where you are going to spend your next 20-30 APs and SPs, spare points accumulate quickly but there is a limited buffer of unspent 40 points for SPs and 175 points for APs. If you don't spend your points everything you earn after that will go down the drain. If that happens don't panic, you have an endless supply of new points, just keep an eye on the counters next time.


It is essential that after choosing your starter weapon you obtain and equip a weapon for your Deck's second ability group as well, and learn a consumer ability for that weapon too as soon as possible. Using abilities in combat builds resources for both of your weapons, so not using a second weapon and utilizing its accumulated resources will severely reduce your damage output making Hard missions more challenging than they are supposed to be.

There is a vendor next to the sheriff's office in Kingsmouth selling entry level weapons of all kinds, make sure to visit it and fill your second weapon slot.

Some missions are really hard and often monsters are very close to each other so you will frequently find yourself in messy situations. Healing potions can save the day, so make sure that you always carry a few. Surplus Dust, Fire and Water materials can be used to craft your own with Consumable Toolkits.

Hindered monsters usually don't turn around, you can save yourself valuable seconds if you attack your hindered opponents from behind. Especially since ranged monsters will keep attacking you if they face you while hindered.


Sometimes you will find items with non-matching glyphs, e.g. a dps base item with tank glyphs. If the base item is an upgrade for you you can replace the existing glyph with someting more beneficial by dropping the item and the new glyph together into the assembly window. Voila: you just made a perfect item.

Assembly / Crafting

There is no need to split your stacks of materials in order to form a valid pattern in the assembly window. It's faster if you pick up your whole stack, and put the materials into position one-by-one by right-clicking the assembly slot. This makes crafting much less cumbersome.

Please feel free to comment below, suggestions and other tips for newbies are pretty much welcomed.