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The Ability Calculator Reacts Oddly

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When using the Ability Calculator for the premade decks, hitting one option narrows it down, but hitting a second option seems to add more to it rather than narrowing further.  I got around it by looking up the ones that were highlighted, but as a new character and just trying to find similar starting decks without reading through every one of them, it's annoying to try to narrow it down.

For example, I hit fist and it brings up every class that uses fist.  When I hit assault rifle as the second, in theory it should narrow it down until there's only 2 left, Fixer and Monk.  Instead, it then ADDS all the classes that uses assault rifle as well regardless if they use fist or not.

Just curious if there is any plans to clean that up a bit or if working as intended.  :)
asked Sep 15, 2012 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Hi, it is working as intended, selecting multiple filters shows the union of the eligible decks, not their intersection. Intersection is displayed by the highlights when you hover the specific filter button. While this might seem confusing first the reason behind it is that you'd end up with an empty deck list too often otherwise.
answered Sep 21, 2012 by BadOmens (1,120 points)