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Is Elemental/Blood good dps build or is blood mustly for healing?

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I love the game but hate playing with guns and would like to stay away from the Assault rifle / elemental build.
So does Elemental/Blood  provide a good enough DPS to be used together?
asked Aug 10, 2012 by anonymous

1 Answer

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half of blood is about dps and you can build very viable damage over time based dps builds upon it. elemental has some good abilities exploiting the afflicted state so they go well together provided you pick the proper abilities that bridge the two. the stock pandemonist is a chain centric blood/elemental build for example: http://www.badomens.net/calculator#
single target blood/elemental builds are also pretty doable, but DoTs will still be the central part of blood damage.
answered Aug 11, 2012 by anonymous