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Just me or is this the most pointless TSW website ever?

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Nothing new or informative about this site at all... Just a copy paste of readily available in-game information.
asked Jul 25, 2012 by anonymous
I registered JUST to vote this down.  It must just be you, brother.  This site has the best TSW calculator I've seen so far.  And that is what brought me here.  I'd reccomend you go troll elsewhere.  Thanks site creator/admin(s)!

2 Answers

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I wish it was as simple as a copy-paste ;)
If you have constructive suggestions I am all ears.
answered Jul 25, 2012 by BadOmens (1,120 points)
Add Public Builds...
Let registered players create a build for the public, with tags (such as single target, dps, tanking, kiting, etc.) and in categories (imho basically just two weapon classes paired up, so ar+pistol is one, ar+elemental another).
Let people up and downvote builds.

Possibly also implement a "show similar popular builds", to give people an idea what to change in their build.

Give people some kind of recognition for this process, maybe an extra page that lists who's top 3 builds have the most votes or something.

Oh, and there should be some sort of decay, first of all, builds that reach -10 (or -25 or something) votes should be deleted, and secondly, builds that don't receive upvotes for a few days should lose a %age of their upvotes every few days.
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Also registered just to be able to answer this.

Answer - You obviously have not tried to cross search the skill wheel in-game. This is the best site I have found for finding the skills I need.
answered Sep 1, 2012 by Lynx (160 points)